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Anonymous: loving isnt hard dear, its simple, especially when you have people who love you

I’ll keep that in mind Gray

Anonymous: im your worst nightmare babygirl ;)

How intriguing 

Anonymous: why? whats the harm? someone you dont know, no face, no judging, just open honesty

I like to know who I’m talking to. Lord knows who you might be

Anonymous: explain? just try whats the worst that could happen

I can’t talk to a gray face

Anonymous: and why is this?

Idk. It’s hard.

Anonymous: love is when you look at someone and immediatly feel happy. you dont feel whole when that person isnt around. when you have enough trust in one person to break down your walls, and open yourself up and having enough faith in that person not to hurt you. love is the best and most fragile feeling in the world.

I don’t think I’m capable of love

Anonymous: love you.

What is love?

Anonymous: are you gay?

Je ne sais pas, suis-je? 

bruglione-deactivated20130414: Please, visit my blog :)

I like what I see.

vogue-lagalere: Go take a look to my tumblr, it will be nice :)


fredrikhilmered replied to your post: are you bisexual ?

What the f*ck does it matter? I hate questions like this!

Thank you sirrrr :D

alicelookingforwonderland-x: Happy birthday for yesterday, how old are you? Love your blog!xx

Thank you very much! And I turned 17 yesterday. & Thank you & you’re blog is cool too 

reacsion-deactivated20131104: I seriously just raped your archive. I love your blog :)

No problemaa :)

5teeze: Check out my blog if you have the time?

Will dooo

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